“I am amazed by the speed of the booking process and the efficiency of the carpet cleaners. I called them on Monday late afternoon, and on Tuesday before noon, my carpet was perfectly clean and spotless. I am very happy with the useful carpet maintenance advice the cleaner gave me, as well as with the price for this impeccable service! I will be returning.”
Mark Simons

“The steam cleaning was terribly noisy, but otherwise I am very happy with the upholstery cleaning services I used recently. Now my beautiful sofa and furniture look the same as the day I first bought them more than 15 years ago. Thanks, Sam Clean!”
Sarah Moore

“I was starting to think I will need to buy a new carpet for my living room because of all the accidents my puppy had when I first got him. I tried Sam Clean’s services as a last resort, and I am so glad I did! Now the carpet has no stains and more importantly no sign of the horrible urine stench. I am not sure how the cleaner did it, but what I’m sure of is that this cleaning saved me a bunch of money and trouble of replacing the carpet with a new one! I definitely recommend it!”
Mary Wilford

“I booked the one off cleaning service for my home to get ready for a big anniversary party we were hosting. I must say, I am impressed by the professionalism of the cleaners. They came and meticulously cleaned what I had hired them for. I am so happy with the results. I could tell that all of the guests to our party were impressed with the cleanliness and freshness of our home!
Jane Patrick

“The carpet cleaning took less than half an hour, and yet the ugly red wine stain was gone, the carpet looks bright and vibrant and the air in my room smells fresh and healthy. It is definitely great service at a surprisingly great price! I will be becoming one of the regular customers. The friendly cleaner told me that regular customers get preferential rates.”
Sylvia Porter

“We booked the outdoor window cleaning service and were pretty amazed at the speed of the process. The cleaners washed all of the windows in our house for what seemed like half an hour. There were no ladders, no lurking or bothering. Now our windows are the cleanest ones on our street.”
Brooke Dawn

“I hired the cleaners from Sam Clean to clean my oven and all of my kitchen appliances because I just don’t have the time or energy to scrub all of that grime and dirt off of them. I am so happy I did. The cleaning cost is definitely worth what I received a perfectly clean kitchen, a safe and sparkling oven and a lot of preserved time and energy.”
Maurine White

“When we were moving out of our old office, our landlord threatened to withhold almost all of our deposit if the premises were not clean enough. Since I was not willing to just let him keep my money, I booked the end of tenancy cleaning service offered by Sam Clean. The team of cleaners spend hours of meticulous cleaning. My landlord was speechless and I got my tenancy deposit back to the last penny.”
Philip Sawyer

“Our granite kitchen floor had become dull and stained, so I called Sam Clean to give us a hand with it. It took the nice cleaners less than an hour to get it to look like it did when we first got it installed. They added a protective layer to it to keep it from staining for longer too. I am very satisfied with the quality and the price of this service!”
Mandy Walls

“My carpeting needed deep cleaning but I was worried about my 2 dogs and all those harsh chemicals used. So I did an online search and stumbled upon Sam Clean. It uses only perfectly natural and safe cleaning products and methods, so I didn’t waste another minute and booked its carpet cleaning service right away! Now my carpets are all nice and clean, and my dogs are perfectly fine too.”
Rose Smith