Q: I have had a couple of stains on my rug for years now. Do you provide a 100% guarantee that you will remove them?
A: We cannot give you a 100% stain removal guarantee because some stains have caused permanent damage to the textile and others are too old to be treated. Our cleaner will inspect your rug and will give you an assessment of which stains are treatable and which are not.

Q: My grand piano cannot and should not be moved, but it is right on top of the carpet I want to be cleaned, can you do that?
A: Although it is recommended that all or as much as possible of the furniture and items are moved from the carpet, our cleaners can safely clean it with your piano or another item on top. The legs of your piano will be protected with special protective covers, so they are safe from accidental damage during the cleaning.

Q: Can you deep clean my carpet and my upholstery at one visit?
A: Not only can we do that, but also you will receive a very sizeable discount for booking combined cleaning services!

Q: Our household is doing everything possible to lead a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. Can I have your assurance that the cleaning methods and solutions you use are eco-friendly and sustainable?
A: All of our cleaning solutions are Petrochem certified, safe for people and pets, and completely eco-friendly.

Q: Do I need to do some special preparation before the carpet cleaners arrive?
A: No special preparations are necessary, though you are advised to remove as much furniture and items from the carpet as possible for a more efficient cleaning. The cleaner can remove lighter stuff but not heavier items.

Q: How long before my carpet dries completely after steam cleaning?
A: On average, since a powerful water extraction machine is used for the cleaning, your carpet should take more than 3 hours to dry completely. Upon request, our cleaners can use an air moving system to speed up the process up to 3 times.

Q: How can you guarantee the safety of my belongings with your cleaners in my home?
A: All of our cleaners are very carefully selected and meticulously vetted before being hired. They are under continuous monitoring and assessment, so you can be pretty sure that your belongings and you are safe. For additional safety, all of our cleaning services are fully insured too.

Q: I am only available on weekends, is it possible to book the upholstery cleaning service on a Saturday or Sunday?
A: Our cleaning services are available at flexible hours, as well as on weekends and holidays with no extra charge added.

Q: Can you help remove a pungent odour which my carpet is emitting?
A: Deep cleaning will remove all the germs, dirt and other residues which are possibly causing the odour. In addition, we offer to efficiently and perfectly safely to deodorise your carpet too.

Q: I have a specific question about a cleaning service I require. Do you have a customer care service I can contact?
A: Our customer care operators are available 24/7 and will offer you free price quotes, quick booking services and answer your questions at 02037463205 or online here.